wooden railway sleepers


The production and sale of the railway sleepers.


The companies which drive new railroads and repair the old ones need so much credible suppliers including those which offer wooden railway sleepers. Our enterprise OOO "LESPROM" is that credible and convenient in joint operation supplier. This is because we have been engaged in the woodworking industry for 5 years already; we have our own production capacity in the region which is rich in wood resources - Archangelsk region; we propose to the market railway sleepers, posts, blockhouses and other items.  First-rate country companies which are known for its high demands to the suppliers and products quality already cooperate with us. Therefore You can bravely dial up our telephone number and negotiate about delivery volume and lot cost.

OOO "LESPROM" products:

In spite of the fact that the concrete products become more and more popular it is too early to charge off the timber as it is very handy, inexpensive and available in any part of Russia material. Local significance railway bed construction; service road provision for the industrial enterprises and transshipment points - for such cases impregnated wooden sleepers are perfect as they make it possible to construct a good road and reduce construct investments.

Long-term service of our products is conditioned by the fact that all our goods are produced in accurate compliance with the common standards adopted for all country companies which by-turn differ from by the strictness even against the back ground of the worldwide standards. This fact guarantees that all the products produced by our company (in our company You may find sleeper type 1/sleeper type 2) will honestly serve to your organization interests particularly and the increasing of the economic and industrial might of the whole country.


Impregnated railway sleepers


Wood impregnation quality plays a very important role during railway road construction not so important of federal or local significance. Special protective compositions (creosote, resin oil, oil antiseptic GTK) must fully penetrate into the product because following only this condition the sleeper will be really long-lived and safe. OOO "LESPROM" offers their customer the products which passed all the way provided by the standards and are ready to function during 12-15 years in good order.

Now, railway road construction is joined with constant economy as due to the worldwide economic processes the organizations have less money for building. The reason by which we recommend our sleepers is the price which allows continuing construction even when the budget is reduced. If You need stable, convenient in work and long-lived wooden sleepers for the railway road construction in the different corners of our immense country, please, contact us and we will sale and deliver the materials in the quantity which is needed for your work.

Regardless of the sleepers class which is more suitable for your construction: sleeper type 1 or sleeper type 2, You may rely on that our company will supply You with the high-quality materials which are up to all the existent requirements and which are easy and comfortable to work with.

Transportation and storage of the finished goods are performed due to the regulations which are accepted for all the woodworking products in tote and the wooden sleepers separately. If You plan to buy a large lot of products in our company but You don't have appropriate conditions for storage or You don't know about these conditions, we will give You advice with pleasure.


Where and how to buy the sleepers?


For purchasing of the lot of the high-quality products You shouldn't go anywhere or meet someone, we may solve all the questions by the phone. You just call to our office, explain what class of the impregnated sleepers You need: sleeper type 1 or sleeper type 2, what is your approximate delivery volume, terms and shipment conditions. Our manager will ask You some additional questions and in answer to your requests we will send You all needed documents confirming that these sleepers are of good quality for reasonable price.

Price for the impregnated sleepers and other OOO "LESPROM" products.


The customers which purchase large lots of sleepers in our company have privileged conditions. That is why if You want to pay less for our products, please, start to work with us based on the regular schedule. We are ready to deliver the sleepers for You to any part of the country and outside at any time.    

The transfer of the bought lot usually carries out on our territory and the customer delivers the products himself but if for any reason You can't transport the goods You will be able just to buy the sleepers, all other things will be discussed separately and the transportation will be done by us.
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